Employee Surveys: Connecting with Your Team Members in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

As we continue to emerge and recover from the global pandemic that has uprooted much of life as we know it, we are called to reassess many aspects of business, education, government, and even our purpose and values. Priorities are shifting and new needs are being brought to the forefront. As leaders, now more than ever, being in-tune with your employees and responsive to the needs of your team is crucial to fostering a healthy, positive working environment.

“Among the aftereffects from this pandemic that we haven’t seen yet, one thing is for certain: Going back to work as normal after the pandemic has passed will come with a need for employers to be receptive and flexible to change in order to remain competitive for top talent." - Mike Noble, OHPI Chief of Research

It is vital for any organization to have a deep understanding of their company culture and employees' level of satisfaction and engagement. Employee engagement has a direct impact on company performance, profitability, and how the company is viewed by the public. By giving team members the opportunity to share their opinions, pain points, challenges, and perceptions of your company, you can simultaneously build trust among your team while identifying elements that are potentially affecting your retention rate and employee satisfaction levels. By utilizing the findings from employee survey research, you can implement data-driven strategies to directly address the needs and wants of your most valuable asset: your team members.

Check out this Case Study on Employee Surveys OHPI has conducted for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona Case Study

If there is one thing we are continuing to learn from the residual effects of the pandemic, it is that people are putting more stock than ever in their well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally, or otherwise. Business and community leaders are in the spotlight as the job market begins to heal from the massive unemployment wave brought on by the pandemic. Now that the masses are generally out of mandated quarantine, we are seeing work-from-home practices beginning to transition to hybrid work or back to full-time office work, and the viability of hours, wages, and benefits, and more are in question. Employers and leaders cannot ignore the magnitude of these issues but must build trust through active listening and transparent communication, achieved best through Employee Surveys.

With Employee Surveys, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital organizational questions, such as:

  • What are common challenges or pain points for your employees or volunteers?
  • What motivates your team best?
  • What type, frequency, and mode of communication resonates best with your team members?
  • How can you as an employer / team manager potentially improve in order to optimize employee satisfaction and retention?

By conducting regular employee surveys, organizations can take the guesswork out of identifying the opinions and needs of their team members, connect with them on a human level, and use this data to navigate improvements in the workplace.

Interested in an Employee Survey?

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