OH Predictive Insights 2021 Highlights - A Year in Review

Non-partisan public opinion polling, market research, and data analytics firm OH Predictive Insights (OHPI) is taking a look in the rearview mirror to celebrate the growth, challenges, and experiences that 2021 brought. Check out some of OHPI’s biggest moments in 2021.


Internal Growth

Our success in 2020 allowed us to walk into 2021 ready to significantly expand our team and capabilities.

  • OHPI added a new department: Brand Experience – a collaboration of Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, and Business Development efforts
  • We significantly increased our volume of press releases in 2021, publishing about 60 releases during the year.
    • In conjunction, OHPI achieved their all-time record high for earned media value in a year: $13.5 million.


OHPI Crosses State Lines

Headquartered in our home state of Arizona, it has been a years-long mission of OHPI’s Chief of Research Mike Noble to solidify our public opinion polling across state lines. In 2021, we achieved this goal two-fold.

  • OHPI made landfall in Nevada and Utah, deploying the first two rounds of quarterly statewide Public Opinion Pulse (POP) surveys in both states (NVPOP and UTPOP, respectively).
  • Since our inaugural POPs in these states, OHPI has regularly tracked and released our statewide polling data and expert analysis, working to solidify our standing as a trusted source for unbiased data.


Project Volume and Diversification

With our fast-tracked growth came greater project volume, expanding and diversifying our network with new industry verticals, regions, and organizations.

  • In 2021, OHPI executed more than 60 unique projects – nearly twice the number of projects completed in 2020
    • Including 12 ABI™ projects and 10 Statewide POP projects

OHPI’s Statewide POPs are not commissioned projects and are produced by and for the company. Although the public is able to purchase a limited volume of additional customized questions on each POP, we deploy these surveys at a set cadence to regularly keep a pulse on public opinion and voter sentiment – regardless of the presence of any number of purchased questions.


1 Year of ABI™

In 2021, the Arizona Business Index™ – sponsored by the Greater Phoenix Chamber and powered by OH Predictive Insights – celebrated its first full year of tracking data since its baseline survey in March of 2020. Key highlights, trends, and analyses of ABI™ data are released quarterly.


Additional Products and Services

OHPI was able to not only take on more projects with our increased bandwidth in 2021, but we were also able to expand our expertise and capabilities, adding additional products and services to our offerings; including but not limited to:


In the spirit of public opinion polling, we thought we’d wrap up our retrospection of the year by sharing an unofficial, just-for-fun survey we sent out to OHPI’s team members, and the results are in! We asked, “Thinking back on the year 2021, how satisfied are you with the job the company has done as a whole?” and OHPI employees reported back 0% dissatisfaction! In fact, the majority of OHPI team members feel satisfied (65%) or very satisfied (20%) with the performance of the company in 2021.

We also collected some open-ended responses to the question, “What is one word you would use to describe your time at OHPI in 2021?” and created a word cloud to represent the OHPI team’s sentiment of the last year.

word cloud

We are hitting the ground running in 2022 with two Statewide Public Opinion Pulse surveys deploying this month and another in early February, collecting pivotal benchmark data for the year and preparing for a fast and furious election cycle.


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