David Morse Joins OH Predictive Insights as Director of Research

OHPI New Hire: David Morse Joins the OH Predictive Insights Team as the New Director of Research

OH Predictive Insights is pleased to announce the newest addition to our team, David Morse as the Director of Research. David’s extensive knowledge and experience in Multi-Cultural Market Research made him the perfect candidate for the role. While leading the data team, he continues to enhance OHPI’s mission of delivering accurate, digestible data and actionable insights to key stakeholders and decision-makers.

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Before joining the OHPI team, David spent over 30 years in market research, brand management, and strategic planning in the US and in Mexico. The past 19 years have been spent as co-founder of New American Dimensions, a market research and consumer insights company specializing in multi-cultural and targeted segmentation. He has worked with some of the most successful companies in the US in developing innovative, profitable market strategies. His wide array of skills and extensive knowledge in creating eye-opening analyses, meaningful survey results, and finding the story within the research will make him a critical piece of the OHPI puzzle.

“For me, bringing on someone to this team is an extremely important decision because we have built such a solid foundation that not only works hard but works cohesively as a unit. We are confident that with David’s tenacious work ethic, he will not only advance and expand the work we do, but also bring great energy new opportunities to the team,” said Mike Noble, OHPI Chief of Research.

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